Only 4% female participation was recorded in seaports operations in Africa between 2010- 2021, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Port Performance Scorecard has indicated.


According to the 11-year study, Asia tops in female engagement in port operations with 33.7%, Latin America scored 5.5%, Europe 6.1% while the global ranking is 14.4%.


UNCTAD examined the global female participation in management, operations, cargo handling, the engagement of other employees within the port industry .


Except for the cargo handling category where Latin America comes least with 3.9% ranking, Africa scored 7.8%, Asia 8.2%, Europe 8.4%, while the global rate is put at 7.1%.


Female inclusion in Port Management in Africa scored 15.5%, Asia 61.4%, Latin America 40.5% and Europe 41.4%. The global ranking is 44.7%.


The engagement of other Employees within the port industry is globally ranked 28%, Europe 36%, Latin America 20.4%, Asia 33.3% and Africa19.6%.


TNMN reports that in all categories of female involvement, Africa was graded 13.1%, Asia 16.1%, Latin America 13.9% , Europe 25.8% and globally 17.7%.

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