The National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF) has held a  one day leadership training for its newly elected executives to equip them with the requisite knowledge to effectively manage their portfolios in the association.

The training which took place at NAGGAF Headquarters in Apapa on Thursday was themed “ Smart Strategies & Creative Thinking” and focused on grooming members of the newly constituted National Executive Council who attended from across the nation.


Speaking at the forum, the President of the association, Mr Tochukwu Ezisi said the training is focused on helping the executives become good leaders, while guiding them on how to daily transact their activities professionally.


“This training session is to guide us and to help us with our works and the affairs of the association. If all of us here will pay attention to this training, it will go a long way in our day to day activities concerning issues. I want us to pay attention and make sure we pick things that will help us in our various areas of work in leadership”, he said.


Ezisi speaking exclusively with TNMN stated that the new NAGAFF will take a new turn, also its excos  are expected to be more productive.


The President said the training which will be a recurring event with the new administration  to equip the current administration with the requisite for peak performance,


“It is a new dawn and a new change. In my inaugural speech, I made it known that we must face the task.

“I insisted on this training for them to know what awaits them in their various positions and also, we won’t take failure from anybody. Everyone must be on top of his job.


“With what happened today, I believe every member of NAGAFF, all the National officers have seen that what we have now is a new NAGAFF. I have never been identified with failure. So I am looking at taking NAGAFF to another level”, he stated.


Ezisi expressed confidence that the training has consequently challenged the new executives in giving their best.


Speaking at the training which was facilitated by MC Nolas Services in collaboration with Captain Buoy Consulting, Dr. Taiwo Nolas- Alausa lectured on basics of leadership and how to deploy it to make NAGAFF more efficient.


“The basic foundation of leadership is how do we think, how do we reason, how can we structure and champion the cause of this organisation towards greater heights. How can strategy be deployed for the benefit of the organisation and how can we creatively think, bringing about innovation so we can become better as an organisation,” he said.


Reacting to the training, Dr. Segun Musa, renowned freight forwarder, executive of the association and participant at the event described it as a great initiative and urged the President to keep it up, adding that this also would serve as an eye opener for other leaders that will come after him.


“The beginning of every good thing starts with information. Information is key, and the president has taken upon himself to make sure he disseminates the right information to executives so that at the end of the day, everybody will know their responsibility and what is expected of them. I expect this to be an eye opener for whoever is coming in the future.


“How to develop strategy for team building, team work, total quality management and organisational focus and goals are the focus of this training. So, it is a good thing happening, and I believe it is going to help most of our members. I am sure we will be able to get the best of executives this time around because we are now leaning with proper information that will help us to carry out our responsibilities. I commend the President,” he said.


Musa advised the president to continue as he has started with training of members because it will help them tackle any challenges they encounter while going about their job.


Another participant and member of the National Executive Council, Hon. Princess Chi Eze said the training came with a wealth of knowledge as she was able to pick information on how to be a good leader.


“It is a great thing for us to have such a president in NAGAFF. We have never had a president like this since I have been in NAGAFF. I have never attended such a training. This shows that he is capable to handle the mantle of leadership given to him.


I must also commend the company who organised this wonderful training. Personally, it is a privilege for me to participate and I really thank God that I am here. I give kudos to the facilitator, Dr Taiwo. The leadership process, the SWOT analysis was well explained. In an organisation like this, we really need such a thing to implement them for a good cause in moving the association forward.


“My advice for the president is for him to continue because he has really done well. I also believe he learnt also, because learning is a process. He believes in one of the things we learnt here today, “ team work”. If not that, he would not have organised such a training. I appreciate him and also thank him for this. I also advise him to keep it up’, she said.

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