…says COVID-19 Protocols will be enforced

The Maritime Academy of Nigeria (MAN) would on Wednesday, October 28, 2020 resume academic activities.

HND II and ND II classes will resume lectures on Monday, November 2, 2020 while HND I and ND I are to continue with their online lectures and resume physically on Tuesday, January 5, 2021. All Academic and Non-Academic Staff are expected to resume on Monday, October 26, 2020.

This announcement was contained in an official statement by the management of the Academy made available to TNMN.

Upon resumption, each cadet is expected to present a COVID- Free Certificate obtained from any NCDC approved Centre and would not be allowed out of the school except on extreme compassionate grounds, the school stated.

The Management warned that details of the certificates will be verified and any cadet found with a fake one shall be sanctioned.

Assuring cadets of their safety, the school stated that it has met the requirements of the Ministry of Education and instituted a COVID-19 Taskforce to enforce the protocols provided by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) and the Ministry of Education.

To uphold a routine of Physical distancing it has also suspended, all parade drills and sporting activities.

The statement reads;

“The Maritime Academy of Nigeria will reopen for Academic Activities on 28 October 2020.Hostels will be opened from 28 October 2020.

“Exit classes (HND II and ND II) are to resume lectures on 2 November 2020. HND I and ND I are to continue with online lectures and resume physically at the Academy on 5 January 2021.

“Cadets must provide COVID-Free Certificates obtained from any NCDC approved Centre. Details of the Certificates shall be cross-checked by the Management and any cadet found with false presentation shall be sanctioned.

“Passes will not be granted during the 2 months period cadets are to stay on campus to conclude their programme for fear of contamination except on extreme compassionate grounds.

“ In line with NCDC Guidelines on COVID-19, cadets will not be centrally fed at the Refectory. Cadets are advised to bring along their food flasks and cutleries. Cadets are also to collect their meals in batches, which will be monitored by the Regiment and return to their hostels to feed.

“ All hostel rooms are ensuite and cadets are to be accommodated one person per room till further notice.

“All Academic and Non-Academic Staff irrespective of rank/grade levels, are hereby directed to resume work on 26 October 2020. Defaulters will be sanctioned.

“The Academy has put in place strategies in line with the NCDC and Ministry of Education Protocols on COVID-19. Temperature checks shall be conducted daily before entry into classrooms, hostels and other strategic locations within the Academy.

“The Management has installed Thermal Cameras at strategic positions. In addition, hand held infrared thermometers shall be provided for each classroom and hostels.

“Use of face masks/hand sanitisers is compulsory. Cadets will be provided with KN95 face masks (4 pieces per cadet). Alcohol-based hand held sanitisers shall be provided for cadets (2 bottles each) and will be replaced when exhausted.

“Motion detecting dispensing sanitising machines has been installed at the main gate, entrances to classrooms, hostels, office blocks and other locations within the Academy.

“ Physical distancing is compulsory. Consequently, parade drills, sporting activities etc have been suspended till further notice.

“All hostels and classrooms will be fumigated before arrival of cadets.”

TNMN reports that the Head of Health Services Department at the Academy has been appointed as the Chairman of the Task Force on COVID-19.

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