The rapid growth in exports that followed large and successive devaluations necessitated a study of the environmental impacts of trade expansion, using the main export crops, cocoa and rubber as case studies. In general, average figures for the period 1993-1995 show that cocoa, rubber, fish and shrimps, and cotton were the major agricultural commodities being exported from Nigeria.

Cocoa increasingly accounted for the largest percentage of non-oil exports in Nigeria. Both cocoa and rubber still remain the largest non-oil exports from Nigeria. The expansion of these exports has, however, not been neutral to the environment. This report investigates the specific effects of export expansion on the environment and the social sector.

Additionally, the report attempts to quantify some of these effects and specifically evaluate policy options that would mitigate some of the negative effects. Follow the link to download


Credit: UNEP Country Projects – Round II – A Synthesis Report

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