Photo News: Sights from the Burial of the Ogbeifun Matriach

Mama Ogbeifun 1Mama Ogbeifun 3Mama Ogbeifun 4Mama Ogbeifun 5Mama Ogbeifun3 7(1)4(1)Chairman Starsz Group, Engr. Greg Ogbeifun5 6 Engr. Charles Ogbeifun and his wife Engr. G. Ogbeifun with his daughter, Mrs. Iroghama Blessing Obuoforibo(1) pic 2Engr. Greg Ogbeifun with Starsz Group of Company(1)Pic 5(1)2Engr. G. Ogbeifun with the Edo College Old Boys Association (ECOBA)(1)

Posted on : March 10, 2019

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